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Amazing facts about Mobile Phones-Interesting fact about Mobiles

Amazing facts about Mobile Phones:

First Mobile:

April 3, 1973 When Mobile Phone call was made is the First day. A Mobile Phonesformer Motorola inventor, Martin Cooper, made The Phone call. He is known as ‘father of Cell Phone’. IBM Simon was the first smart phone ever. It had fax, calendar, touch screen and a lot more.

Most Use of a Mobile:

What do you think is the most common use for a cell phone? Neither is it calling , nor is it Texting. It is checking the time.

Power of Mobile Phone:

An IPhone today has greater processing power than what the North American Air Defense Command did in 1965.

No of Mobile Phone:

The average American phone user will have about three unused or outdate cell phones in possession. Americans will only use their mobile phone for about 12-16 months before getting a new handset.

Mobile Phone Texting:

Mobile Phone texting came into existence 21 years ago.Neil Papworth send first message which was ‘Marry Christmas’. Voicemail was added to the mobile phones in 1986.

Photo Sharing:

Philippe Kahn took first photo in 1977 to share on cell phone. He sent picture of his daughter Sophie from the maternity ward. He Is a French inventor who developed the world’s very first camera phone.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones:

The world most expensive phone is a version of the iPhone. Its Price 6.7 is million Pound. Solid gold and diamonds are using in this iPhone .

japan 90 % mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower. Many photos and videos are uploading via mobile phones. It is taking up to 27% of web traffic


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