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How We Can Save Our Zainab?

How We Can Save Our Zainab?. It has not been the first incident of its kind that a minor has been molested and brutally murdered in Pakistan in general and in Kasur in particular. More often than not the incidents of this type go unnoticed. Even when these incidents are underscored, the hue and cry that emanates from these repulsive and repugnant incidents die down with the passage of time.

What this incident has, once again, highlighted is heart-rending to say the least. This incident has brought the following realities in the limelight.

First Fact of Zainab Incident:

First in line is the state’s incompetence to lay the axe to the root of this gruesome and heinous crime. Had the state been assertive in the past for bringing the perpetrators of this sort of crime to book? No beast would have even dared touch Zainab let alone rape and brutally murdered her.

Second Fact of Zainab Incident:

Second in line the broken and maneuvered infrastructure of all state department on particular. The police person seem to be aware of everything except their duty. They have measurable failed to assess what had happened in Zainab case. So they have reacted with brutal force against the unarmed annoyed protestors who took to the street and roads. Given police’s response one needs nothing more than common serve to infer that police department has never been trained to tackle this type of incidents and protest. Police inability to find out the loathsome and wicked criminal of this heart-rending incident speaks volumes about the abysmal state of affairs in which every citizen of Pakistan has landed himself unintentionally.

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Third Fact of Zainab Incident:

Third fact in line tears the soul apart when taken into account. It manifest that media frenzy is required to get attention if one finds himself in the middle of an intricate problem complex enough to tax the power of the wisest. Had this incident not been given due coverage by media, who would have left sympathy towards Zainab without even knowing about what she the angel, had gone through before heading straight to paradise. After the e-media embarked in highlighting this issue, social media user also joined the torrent and registered their protest, anger and above all frustration. But million dollar question needs to be asked whether all we can do is to find a way to rent our spleen on social media or we can do something worth-serving to the cause.

Fourth Fact of Zainab Incident:

Next in line is the fact that we, the Muslim, have always looked towards west to resolve our conflicts and issues without even bothering to think of the stark contrast we have with western civilization. We are still thinking of the way would deal with the most despicable human being (Alibiing the word brute would serve the purpose appropriately). If he is ever rounded by our law enforcement agencies the chances of which are overtly remote.

Fifth Fact of Zainab Incident:

Last in line is the despicable role played by the political leaders of the country. None of the politicians has bothered console the bereaved family of Zainab. All the leaders have yet again, embarked on an endless blame game and molded the repugnant incident to their best political interests. It seemed that every politician has his own axe to grind after the tragedy struck.

Given the political obstacles and current chaos that ensured after the detestable abhorrence, sanity should be allowed to prevail in order to discourage the element who have become the bane of our society’s existence.

Committee comprising

First of all a committee comprising the best brains of state machinery be constitute to oversee the Investigation of this abhorrent incident. Committee may be directed to submit its report on daily basis to the CM who should taking time deadline into account, let no officialdom bring the perpetrator to book. Personal interest along with incessant efforts of all those who would be part of this team would be the utmost necessity to serve the justice. Mere rhetoric and lip-service are the traits which have played havoc with the fabric of society.

Punjab Police department:

Second remedial measure suggests that the Punjab Police department be depoliticized in order to serve justice to all and sundry. Albeit this task needs herculean efforts to be  put in, it is the need of hour if personal interests of the political elite are not sidelined and reforms in police department are not introduced and implemented in letter and spirt, not only the justice to Zainab’s family would be denied but also the annoyed protesters will be blindly shot. Whenever they would try to vent their spleen.

Modern Technology for Police Department:

Third in line is the advice for the state to equip police department with modern technology. If the same obsolete approach of gathering evidence that has disappointed us every time it was applied in the past against the perpetrators is applied yet again it would counter-productive for obvious reasons this time also. Punjab government needs to introduce new technology in order to decrease the rate of crime. In this regard. China, Japan and other countries can be consulted and Pakistan’s own experts can be trained to reap optimum results.

Media Power:

Fourth approach manifests that media be civilized efficiently and effectively. There is no blinding the fact that media is powerful tool to put pressure in the state make it to act in the best interest of the citizens. On the contrary, media should not be deemed the sole stakeholder to force the government or state to act the way media frenzy dictates. State needs to change approach with which it responds in the state of chaos. State needs to draft its own policy to tackle all the despicable menaces which rear their ugly heads in a tattered society. Although issue underscored by the media should be nipped in the bod before the matters spill out of control and cause discomfort and disruption in the society already embroiled in gigantic challenges.

Culprit should be Hanged

Fifth in line is the need to draft the laws befitting to response to this type of social and ethical heart-rending violation. The culprit, once rounded up, should be hanged in the middle of the round-about in order to make him an example for those who are of the view that they can crush the innocent petals in this country with impunity and without the fear of every being brought to book. As the perpetrator of this heinous crime cannot be deemed a human being nut rather a beast, no human law needs to be implemented. Animals and beasts should be dealt under the laws applicable to them.

It is high time that the politicians should set their political differences and conflicts aside and become united to counter the threat that has subtly made its way to the minds of minors who with every passing day, get convinced that it is their prestige that was at stake in the past and future looks even bleak. The politicians should give second thought to the doctrine that they would be held accountable in the afterlife for agony Zainab went through and surely, no excuses would be entertained in that court which would have a ring of finality as it prime characteristic.

Albeit, future looks unpromising at this critical juncture. Since relentless efforts can ascertain that where there is a will, there is way.

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