Thursday , August 17 2017
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who could be next PM after Nawaz of PML-N?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was Friday removed from the best office by the Supreme Court, yet as the leader of the decision Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party he will have the capacity to name his successor. Sharif’s picked applicant will be put to a vote in the National …

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Live Streaming of Panama gate Decesion Supreme Court Disqualified


ISLAMABAD: A five-judge Supreme Court seat has Decesion Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ineligible to govern in the greatly anticipated decision in the Panama gate case. The peak court has precluded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in its notable Decesion. The court additionally requested that all instances of the Sharif family including …

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Transgender ban No policy change for now, says top general


Transgender individuals won’t be restricted from serving in the US military until the point that the president issues direction to the Pentagon, military authorities say. In an unexpected tweet on Wednesday, President Donald Trump reported that the legislature would not enable them to serve “in any way”. It was uncertain …

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Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people


US President Donald Trump says transgender individuals can’t serve in “any limit” in the military. He tweeted that he had counseled with military specialists and refered to “gigantic medicinal expenses and interruption”. The Obama organization chose a year ago to enable transgender individuals to serve straightforwardly in the military. Be …

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Obamacare US senators vote in favour of debating repeal


The US Senators have voted to begin debating another Republican human services charge in a noteworthy stride forward for President Donald Trump’s endeavors to cancel his ancestor’s mark law. In a tight vote, a few Republicans already restricted to parts of the arrangement altered their opinions. Earlier endeavors to supplant …

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