Sunday , May 20 2018
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Nawaz Sharif Vs Military

Nawaz Sharif, the most experienced Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been quite phenomenal whenever he takes part in general election on the score of sundry years of experience which has always come in handy for him. He put his same experience into practice in 2013 to clinch to the position …

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JIT and palpable future of PML (N)

Ever since Nawaz Sharif (PML (N)) came into power in Pakistan in 1990, his predicaments owing to his ill-advised cabinet and lack of shrewdness have played havoc with his reign as the premier of the world’s only nuclear state. As his terms progressed, he was supposed to be a learned, …

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Turkey to mark anniversary of coup attempt

Occasions will be held in Turkey later to check the principal commemoration of a fizzled overthrow in which no less than 260 individuals kicked the bucket and 2,196 were injured. A group of the armed force attempted to seize control from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yet the endeavor crumbled. Since …

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