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Messenger Lite Is a Great Alternative to Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a truly prevalent correspondence application. It’s just genuine drawback is that it’s staggeringly enlarged. On my Moto E4, it tips the scales at just shy of 60MB, which bodes well—not exclusively does it have all the informing highlights that you need, it additionally has sound and video …

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How to Enable or Disable the Spell Checker on Android

So everybody realizes that their favored console on Android has autocorrect, yet did you know Android likewise has worked in spell check? In case you’re truly hoping to twofold down on your spelling—or maybe dispose of autocorrect through and through—this is a setting you’ll most likely need to empower. Spell …

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How to Automatically Enable Wi-Fi

You impair Wi-Fi on your Android telephone to enhance battery life, which is awesome! Be that as it may, how often have you neglected to empower it once more, at last gobbling up some of your versatile information when you could’ve been on?  With Oreo, that dread is no more. …

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What Is the powerd Process

You’re perusing Activity Monitor on your Mac when something gets your attention: powerd. What is that, and would it be a good idea for you to be concerned? This article is a piece of our progressing arrangement clarifying different procedures found in Activity Monitor, as kernel_task, hidd, mdsworker, installd, WindowServer, …

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How to Use Low Power Mode on an iPhone

Your iPhone has a “Low Power Mode”, which you’ll be incited to initiate it when your telephone achieves 20% battery. In any case, you can empower it before that point to extend your battery life further. Beginning with iOS 11, you can likewise actuate Low Power Mode ideal from the …

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How to Recover a Deleted File

It’s happened to a large portion of us. You Deleted a document, and afterward acknowledge you require it back. This guide clarifies when you can recover that document and how to go about it. We’ve secured an assortment of apparatuses for recouping Deleted documents previously, however this guide goes more …

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How to Get Twitter New 280 Character Limit Now

On the off chance that you haven’t heard, Twitter is trying out a more extended 280-character message constrain, multiplying the limitation that has been set up since the administration began in 2006. At first, the more drawn out utmost is just accessible to a couple of select records amid the …

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