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How to Change Background in Gmail

If you pay the maximum amount time with a Gmail window open as I do (thanks, Multiple Inbox feature!), you’re in all probability over the rather uninteresting default theme. And although you’re victimization one in all the numerous custom themes accessible, perhaps you’d like one thing else. Good news, everyone! you’ll be able to use a photograph from the online or your own laptop because the background image, rather like on your laptop desktop.

Go to your Gmail account in Chrome or the other desktop browser. Click the gear icon within the top-right corner to open the computer menu, then click the “Themes” choice.


An in-tab window shows you a bunch of backgrounds and color mixtures you’ll be able to use with Gmail on the online. If you wish a number of those you’re shown, great! Click on any of them to use them mechanically. If you would like additional choices, click the “My Photos” button within the bottom-right of the window.


How to Change Background in Gmail:

You’re given a read of a bunch of photos from everywhere your Google world: stuff you’ve got in Google Drive, things you’ve sent to others in Hangouts, and do on. you’ll be able to choose any of those, or transfer a photograph or paste a uniform resource locator image with the choices on the tabs higher than. For the sake of example, I’ll click the “Upload a Photo” link to transfer a wallpaper image I created for myself in Photoshop.


Ideally you wish this image to be as giant as (or larger than) the resolution. On the pc you always use to access Gmail, however the interface can settle for pictures of any size. Click “select a photograph from your computer” so realize the file you wish to use.

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After uploading the image, you’ll have your very own custom Gmail theme.


You can repeat this process as often as you like, using most common image formats.

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