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Hard disk drive-what is hard disk-types of hard disk


Hard disk drive is an information stockpiling gadget. It implies that the capacity Hard disk driveGadget holds the information notwithstanding. When no power is provided to the PC. That stores computerized information on an attractive surface. The gadget ordinarily comprises of a few monetarized attractive disks. And a mechanized drive make a beeline for read and compose data. The gadget is cased in an aluminum packaging to ensure the fragile parts. Control necessities of a hard drive are for the most part very low. However huge effort is still put into educing this need. To make portable computing with all the more success (laptop batteries).

Who invented the hard Disk?

The hard drive was initially concocted by an IBM group. Run by Rey Johnson in 1954. Since his groups development of the innovation noteworthy enhancements have been made. As the 1980 started. HDD were an uncommon and exceptionally costly extra element on PCs. However by the late 1980s there cost had been decreased. The point where they were standard on everything except the least expensive PC.

Hard Disk Drive Use.

A hard disk drive has changed the computerized age. As we probably we all aware it. Hard drives are most broadly utilized innovation for capacity our data and info. Without hard disk the PC computerized age we live would not be the same.

Technology In Hard Disk Drive:

HDD records information by charging a thin film of ferromagnetic material on a disk. Consecutive alters in the course of polarization speak to double information bits. The information read from disk. Recognizing the move in charge. Customer information is coded using the coding plan. For example, run-length constrained encoding. Who decides how information is spoken to attractive movements.


A HDD has two electric engines. A shaft engine that twists disks and an actuator (engine). That positions the read compose head get together over the turning disks. The disk engine has an outside rotors joined to the disk. Inverse the actuator toward the finish of the head. Bolster arm is the perused/compose head.

Platters in Hard disk drive.

HDD design consists of a spindle that holds flat circular disks. Also called platters.
Hard disk driveWhich hold the recorded data. The platters made from aluminum alloy, glass or ceramic. They coated with a shallow layer of magnetic material. typically 10-2- nm in depth. With an outer layer of carbon fpr protection.

Read/write Head:

Read/write head used for read/write data in magnetic form


There are 3 types of interfacing in HDD

  • EIDE

  • SATA

  • SCSI


EDIE (Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics). PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment). It has a 40 stick connector. Information exchange rate is 133 mbps. . In the event that you have two gadgets associated with one IDE controller. .

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment):

It has 7 stick connector. It is speediest most recent kind of hard drive connectors. Information exchange rate is 300 Mbps. As the new and speedier than old interface. The most recent hard drives are utilizing this kind of interface. As there are speedier than old IDE interface.

SCSI (small Computer System Interface):

It has 50 or 68 stick connectors. The information exchange rate is 600 mbps. These required a SCSI card associated into the framework. These days most desktop did not utilize the SCSI.

Disk partition:


Hard disk drive Formatting:

Low level formatting:

The way instating these intelligent pieces on the physical circle. Platters is low level data. The processing plant is performing. Normally not changed in the field. That is  low level arranging.

High level formatting:

High level formatting then writes the files system structures into selected logical blocks to make the remaining logical blocks available to the host OS and its applications.

File system:

here is the file system and their properties

FAT (file allocation Table) NTFS (New Technology File System)
Its less secure It is secure
Partition size is max 32 GB Partition size is 1 TB (Tera Bytes)
Does not support data compression It supports data compression
Windows os conformability

(95, 98. Ms-dos)

Windows os conformability

(2000, xp, vista, win 7)

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