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How to Auto-Run Windows Programs When You Plug In a USB Drive

Versatile applications—independent executables that can be moved onto streak drives and keep running without establishment—are well known devices for any individual who needs to take a shot at numerous Windows machines. In the event that you need to make your work process significantly speedier, you can include an “auto-run” record that consequently opens the program when you connect to the drive.

Shockingly, beginning with Windows 7, Microsoft limited the autorun work for security purposes. There’s no functional approach to get it back on each new machine, yet it’s conceivable to do as such on PCs you approach all the time. To start with, you’ll require a little, outsider device that screens new USB drives for the autorun direction. At that point, you’ll have to make a straightforward autorun content document that sits on the USB drive and assigns what program to run when you embed the drive.

Step One: Install APO USB Autorun on Your Windows PC:

APO USB Autorun is a program that screens USB drives as they’re connected to, searching for the inheritance autorun.inf content record and propelling any projects coordinated inside. Download it from Softpedia here, at that point double tap the installer document and introduce it like some other program.

After establishment, at whatever point you interface a USB drive, you should see a window fly up like the one beneath, inquiring as to whether you need to run the program you’ve assigned to run naturally (and we’ll speak more about how to do that part in a bit).

Simply tap the “Run” catch to run the program and, alternatively, debilitate the “Dependably ask before opening this record” choice so you aren’t wasted time with this notice whenever you embed the drive.


Sadly, you’ll have to introduce APO USB Autorun on every window 7 or later PC that you need to autorun your USB drives. That makes it not all that valuable for drives you bear to heaps of various PCs, however it can be truly useful in the event that you regularly take a shot at a similar PC.

Step Two: Set Up the USB Drive:

Keeping in mind the end goal to autorun a program. The USB drive needs to contain two things. The program you need to run and an autorun content document that focuses to that program.

Simply ahead and duplicate the compact executable for the program to your USB drive. That is the simple part.

To make the autorun content document, open up Notepad (or whatever word processor you incline toward). Sort (or reorder) the accompanying content into the Notepad window, finish with line breaks.[autorun] ;Open=YOURAPP.exe

Supplant the “YOURAPP” content with the document name of the application you’re endeavoring to begin. I’m utilizing the compact form of the Lynx program for this exhibition, so my summons read this way:

[autorun] ;Open=LynxPortable.exe


Next, spare the document to your USB drive with the name “autorun.inf” and ensure that you select “All Files (*.*)” in the “Spare as sort” field. That way, Notepad won’t include an extra “.txt” expansion to the finish of your record name.


The root organizer of your USB drive should now contain the program’s executable. Record and the autorun.inf document you just made.


You can put different documents and envelopes in the drive, obviously. However try to keep those two things in the root catalog.

Presently, with APO USB Autorun running and your USB drive appropriately designed. Your program should run naturally at whatever point you associate the USB drive to your PC.

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