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How to Hide the Red Notification Badges for Apps on Your iPhone

How to Hide the Red Notification Badges for Apps on Your iPhone. There are two sorts of individuals in this world: the individuals who open and erase undesirable messages, and the individuals who simply overlook them, leaving the new tally to develop until the end of time.

In case you’re in the last gathering, the Notification identification alongside each application on your iPhone can get really high. When it’s over 20 or thereabouts, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination revealing to you anything. Would you be able to recollect on the off chance that you had 2034 or 2036 new messages. When you last taken a gander at your telephone? In case you’re in this circumstance with the email application (or you’re informing application, or Facebook, or whatever other application that you’re disregarding the Notification from), it’s likely best to prevent your iPhone from indicating them by any means, regardless of the possibility that it’s simply to quiets down all the Inbox Zero cultists.

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Notification Setting

Make a beeline for Settings > Notifications on your iPhone, and afterward look down to the application you need to kill the Notification identification for and select it. I’m utilizing Airmail in this case.


Toggle the Badge App Icon switch off.


Presently notices will in any case show up in the Notification Center. However the quantity of new messages (or messages or Facebook remarks). Won’t show up alongside the application symbol.


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