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How to Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in Safe Mode

Microsoft Office applications have a worked in Safe Mode highlight. This helps when you can’t utilize Office ordinarily. Maybe Word crashes each time you open it, or perhaps Excel crashes when you open a solitary document. You can begin the application in Safe Mode and there’s a decent shot it will work ordinarily.

What Is Office Safe Mode?

When you begin an Office application in Safe Mode, it will stack with no include ins or expansions, and without toolbar or order bar customizations. Any recouped reports that would regularly be opened naturally won’t open. AutoCorrect and different highlights won’t work, and inclinations can’t be spared.

On the off chance that Office is slamming each time you open it, it’s presumably the aftereffect of a carriage add-on—yet it might likewise be the consequence of an issue with your customizations. Protected Mode loads without every one of these highlights that can cause you inconvenience.

This is not the same as Windows Safe Mode. In Windows Safe Mode, your entire Windows working framework is restarted without outsider drivers and other startup programming that can cause issues. This is a comparative thought, yet for Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as it were.

Launch Safe Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut:

To open any Office application in Safe , press the Ctrl key and hold it down while you dispatch the program’s alternate route.
For instance, to dispatch Word in Safe Mode, you’ll have to find the Word easy route in your Start menu, on your taskbar, or on your desktop. Press and hold the Ctrl key and either single-tick it (if it’s in your Start menu or on your taskbar) or double tap it (if it’s on your desktop).

safe mode

You’ll see a message saying “You’re holding down the CTRL key. Would you like to begin [Application] in Safe?”.
You can discharge the Ctrl key when this message box shows up. Snap “alright” to dispatch the application in Safe.

safe mode

Launch Safe Mode with a Command Argument:

You can likewise dispatch Office applications in Safe by propelling them with the/safe alternative.
For instance, you can do this from the Run exchange. Press Windows+R to open it, and after that sort one of the accompanying summons:

  • Wordwinword /safe
  • Excelexcel /safe
  • PowerPointpowerpnt /safe
  • Outlookoutlook /safe
  • Publishermspub /safe
  • Visiovisio /safe

Press Enter or click “OK” and the application will launch in Safe Mode.

safe mode

In the event that you have to open an Office application in Safe Mode frequently, you could make another desktop easy route to the Office application and add/safe to the finish of the Target box on its Shortcut sheet. That alternate way would then dependably dispatch the application in Safe Mode.

safe mode

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How to Leave:

To leave , you should close the Office application and dispatch it ordinarily.
In the event that Office stacks fine in Safe Mode yet crashes in typical mode, the issue is likely a surrey include. You can see these by choosing File > Options > Add-ins in Office 2016. You may need to uninstall, reinstall, or refresh at least one include ins of Office continues smashing.
In the event that Office still crashes in Safe Mode, its records might be adulterated. You may need to uninstall and reinstall Office on your PC.

safe mode

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