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How to See Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

How to See Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Profile? There are numerous browser extensions, apps, and websites that claim to have the ability to tell you which of your Facebook Good friends have recently visited your profile, and exactly how much time they spent there. However, none of these exts or software do the actual claim.

These Browser Extensions Can’t Do What They Claim:

You can’t get what you want by installing one of these extensions. At best, they just don’t work, including worst, they’re viruses, stealing your information, gold mining Bitcoins employing your browser, or otherwise doing something nefarious.


Sure, it may look reliable, and it even has over 3, 000 reviews and a decent average rating! But once you read the actual reviews, you will see an awful whole lot like this:


2 weeks. natural instinct to wonder who’s been {going to|browsing} your Facebook Profile (has that cute Canadian {young man|son|youngster} you work with {examined|checked out|inspected} through your photos!? ) but you should absolutely never install anything, or provide any personal details or login credentials, to the service that {promises|says|boasts} {to accomplish|to obtain}. There is no reliable way for {these to|those to} get that data from Facebook unless they were also able to {spot|see} on all those others.

What If I’ve Already Installed An Extension or App?

When you have already installed a web browser development of Facebook software that says to permit you to definitely see who’s seen your Account, be gone computer now. If you’d like help, check out our guides on uninstalling extensions from any web browser and eliminating third-party Facebook apps. They’ll walk you through the complete process.

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You should conjointly amendment your Facebook secret and take alternative steps to secure your account like adding login notifications. We’ve got a full orient securing your Facebook account to require you thru it.

The InitialChatFriendsList Method Is Also Fake:

There square measure several websites out there that claim to indicate you ways to envision who’s visited your Facebook Profile, and most encourage you to put in insecure browser extensions. A few, however, conjointly counsel another methodology that you just will do yourself in any browser. They tell you to look at the page supply of Facebook and so explore for “InitialChatFriendsList”. Apparently the strings of numbers that follow it square measure the user IDs for the individuals who’ve recently visited your Profile.

Once again, however, that’s not the case. whereas the numbers area unit so user IDs. They’re not the individuals who’ve verified your Profile. The clue is within the name: “InitialChatFriendsList”. The user IDs correspond with the people that seem within the Chat facetbar on the proper hand side of Facebook.



These square measure the those who you’ve interacted with last or most frequently. Wereas there’s an opportunity they need confirmed your Profile within the last whereas. It’s even as probably you’ve had a language in traveller or they’ve commented on one among your posts. A random person visiting your Facebook page for the primary time definitely won’t show up during this list.

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