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How to Turn Off Comments on Your Instagram Post

Instagram, generally, is a truly dazzling informal organization. Individuals tend to post the great things that are going on in their lives, instead of rages about everything that is off with the world. It keeps things positive.

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Indeed, even still, there are times when you might need to post something and influence it so to individuals can’t remark. Possibly you’re declaring something and simply don’t need spontaneous assessments. Whatever the case, here’s the manner by which to do i.

For a New One:

When you’re presenting another photograph on Instagram, at the screen where you include a subtitle, tap the “Propelled Settings” choice.


Toggle the “Turn Off Commenting” to the on position.


And then tap the back arrow and continue to post as normal.

For an Old one:

If you want to turn off comments for something you’ve already posted, head to that post and tap the three little dots.


Tap the “Turn Off Commenting” option.


Now comments are off. To turn them back on, just reverse the process.

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