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JIT and palpable future of PML (N)

Ever since Nawaz Sharif (PML (N)) came into power in Pakistan in 1990, his predicaments owing to his ill-advised cabinet and lack of shrewdness have played havoc with his reign as the premier of the world’s only nuclear state. As his terms progressed, he was supposed to be a learned, experienced and mature leader of the country but the facts testify otherwise.

As Nawaz Sharif assumed the office of the premier of the country in 2013, he was expected to be the man who could steer the country out of multiple crises which had threatened the very existence of the country. Yet, Mr. Nawaz Sharif got engaged in the Penelope’s web of controversy out of which he could not come out until now. When the primary focus of the premier should have been the unfavorable circumstances of the country including terrorism, nepotism, corruption, Indian dominance in held Kashmir, load shedding and good governance, Imran khan has dragged him into an incessant battle of power where the aforementioned pressing concerns hold less weight for the premier than to prove him not guilty of the crimes he claims not to have committed.

Mr. Sharif and his party doled out sweets when the JIT was formed to investigate the money trail. They had been utterly convinced that they can prove themselves innocent in the country. Where might is right and where travesty of justice had been the order of the day. But legal team of Nawaz Sharif could not foresee the impending doom which was about to engulf them.


SC hearing on JIT findings underway, PM’s lawyer challenges charges

Finding of JIT PML (N):

Now, as the finding of JIT which has stepped out of its narrow circle drawn by Supreme Court have unfolded. The future of PML (N) looks grim as the lawyers appointed by the PML (N). Could not live up to their expectations of salvage. Imran Khan seems to be in the driving van of opposition. But two paramount points need to be underscored at the moment. JIT has based its report on unattested documents which are good for pakoras without authentication, and the report presented by JIT is not binding to the Supreme court.

So, the silver lining in the cloud suggests that PML (N) can withstand the controversy of Panamagate case. If its legal team of expert is hell-bent on presenting different interpretations of law. Which has also bowed before the powerful. If the loop holes exploited dexterously. It is entirely within the realm of probability that PML (N) government would survive this term if not completely exculpated.

Written By:  Aamir Mustafa

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