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Kashmir and Gen. Bipin Rawat

Most of the adept international observers around the globe are convinced that it is not the civilian government of Pakistan that dictates its policies vis-à-vis India but the military establishment that has been in the van of policy makers. The statement of American Foreign Ministry after which the aid to Pakistan has been linked with the verification of the claim that Pakistan Army is not meddling into the affairs of civilian government is worth-pondering.

On the contrary, India is the country. Which supposed to run by the civilian government. In which Indian Army operates as a subordinate government institute to defend the country against any impending doom. It goes without saying that India has, time and again. Claimed that its army has never ever dared committing human rights violations. Irrespective of the unfavorable circumstances it comes across. In this regard, the statement issued by Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat upon using a stone-pelter Kashmiri as human shield to restore the writ of Indian Army in the restive region speaks volume about the approach of the biggest and strongest democracy towards the solution of a political problem.

Nawaz Sharif Vs Military

The concerned army officer:

Mr Bipin Rawat has showered the concerned army officer with accolades and has been generous in his approbation. He is utterly of the view that stone-pelters are the deadliest terrorists. On the face of earth and need no human and humane right to live against Indian rule in the unmanageable region. Which claimed as their territory by both Pakistan and India. He convinced that the reward was necessary to boost the morale of his soldiers who, now a days, are willing to kill their own officers over the confiscation of mobile phone.

New Delhi can accuse Pakistan Army of whatever crime it wants. The former may deem it incumbent upon it to shout from the house tops that. Pakistan Army is solely responsible for feeding unrest in the restive valley. Through the infiltration of terrorists. Who are allegedly playing havoc with the prevailing peace in the valley. But, does it not defy the logic of New Delhi that Pakistan Army has never issued such an irresponsible and loathsome statement as of Bipin Rawat who is hell-bent on defending the acts of his soldiers whether they are a shame to the existence of humanity?

If the Army Chief of a country issues such deplorable statements. As of Bipin Rawat and no condemnation issued from civilian government. It is not a Herculean task to conclude. Who is dictating the terms of “establishment of peace” in and out of the country.

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