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Kashmir and Modi Narrative

Kashmir and Modi Narrative: Kashmir has always been the bone of contention between Islamabad and New Delhi. Albeit, whirligig of time has, at times, favored the erstwhile over the latter and vice versa, the solution of this conundrum complex enough to tax the power of the wisest has proved a remote dream. History testifies that none of the leaders who have declared it an inherited part of India. from India has paradoxically changed his stance over held Kashmir. On the contrary, A few regimes like military regime of General Pervaiz Musharraf had suggested a viable solution but it was also cast to the winds as had been the fate of all such proposals.

What mighty and gaudy India is of the view is that it can quash the freedom movement of Kashmiris under the auspices of its one of the most cherished conservative premier; Narendra Modi and can paint a picture in front of the world which depicts freedom fighters as terrorists. Until now, this pretext has opened the doors of oppressive opportunities for India as Islamabad has failed desperately on foreign front. None of the strategies has carved out by Islamabad to counter Modi narrative of terrorism. Modi, quite dexterously, has maneuvered the facts and has received his due share of approbation from Indian leaders who are hell-bent on claiming that Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.

Kashmir and Gen. Bipin Rawat

Nawaz government:

As far as Islamabad is concerned, Nawaz government has disappointed the people of Pakistan. Who nursed a lingering hope that their premier. Would get involved in a deeper engagement in Kashmir than a mere rhetoric. Nawaz Sharif owing to his multiple vested interests in India has not put in a concrete effort to raise. The atrocities committed against defenseless kashmiris. Who have always resorted and sided with Pakistan whenever they have oppressed.

What New Delhi has, until now, failed to comprehend is that possession of Kashmir is not about winning or losing. It is all about preserving democratic values for which the India has always the biggest champion. On different international forums. What needs to taken into account is the painfully sensible fact. That peace process in Kashmir should Kashmir- owned and Kashmir-led. No one, come what may, has the right to make the people of Kashmir. Devoid of their congenital right to live freely and make their own choices. The earlier Narendra Modi comprehends, the better it is before the situation spills further out of control.

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