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Question of Identity: Lynched Man was Rafiquddin or Naveed Pathan

Lynched Man was Rafiquddin or Naveed Pathan

Video of a Muslim man who recognized as bodybuilder by Indian muslims. But an alleged gangster by the Indian media has gone viral on social media. In that gruesome and utterly repugnant to the senses video, Mr. Naveed Pathan can clearly seen to dragged out of the room onto the busy road. He hit with sticks and swords 27 times before he passed away. Indian media claims that he involved in several wicked criminal activities and was most wanted by the Police. On the contrary, social media citizens quite convinced that he was a bodybuilder who had taken a thousand and one competition in different cities of the country.

Leaving the debate of his identity to decide by the sole discretion of Indian law enforcing agencies. One comes across the question of questions whether the person lynched in cold blood was a human being. If yes, why has none of Indian department has issued strongest possible condemnation to this utterly despicable murder. Is it not the responsibility of the judiciary of the biggest democracy of the world to give a fair chance of defense to all and sundry? If yes, why has Mr. Naveed not been provided with a deserving chance to prove his innocence? If yes, why have the culprits who have defied the writ of state not brought to book?

Questions Should Be Answer:

These are the questions which should answered on humanitarian grounds if India believes in democracy. If might is right is the rule to used to govern Muslim majority in India, whole Muslim nation shares the burden of responsibility on its shoulders to speak for the rights of the Muslims across the globe.

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It was not the response of hard core Hindus which took the Muslims of different countries by storm. But the unreasonable and unwarranted silence of credible media sources like Dawn. Who has not bothered to afford a few lines for this disgusting tragedy. One may argue that the responsibility should pinned to the Muslims all across the globe. Owing to their indifference towards other Muslims who do not share territorial boundaries with them.


Foreign Ministry of the country should have risen to the occasion and issued a statement to underscore. The brutality of the Indian government who is hell-bent to annihilate the Muslims across India. Who champions the rights of minorities on international forums. All the Muslims irrespective of their homeland need to stand united against every brutality. That committed against their brethren.


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