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Messenger Lite Is a Great Alternative to Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a truly prevalent correspondence application. It’s just genuine drawback is that it’s staggeringly enlarged. On my Moto E4, it tips the scales at just shy of 60MB, which bodes well—not exclusively does it have all the informing highlights that you need, it additionally has sound and video calling (decent), visit heads (okay), a Snapchat Story clone (why?), amusements (not that you knew), and parts more in the engine.

Messenger Lite:

Luckily, Facebook has an option called Messenger Lite. On my Moto E4, it’s only 6MB in estimate; a tenth of what the full application is. Delivery person Lite intended to work anyplace. However particularly on moderate telephones on low quality cell systems. It’s been accessible for some time in India and Africa, however it’s presently accessible in the US, European, and other Play Stores. (In the event that you have an iPhone… well, you’re up the creek without a paddle. Flag-bearer Lite is just accessible on Android and Facebook has no present intends to convey it to iOS.)

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Detachment Lite is a stripped down variant of Messenger. It just has the fundamental highlights—you know, the ones you think about in an informing application. You can send and get messages, pictures, voice notes, stickers, and sound calls. The main things you can’t do that you’ll most likely think about are send recordings and make video calls. In the screenshots beneath, normal Messenger is on the left and Messenger Lite is on the right.


By taking out video includes however, Messenger Lite uses significantly less transfer speed and can get by on much more terrible associations. It’s additionally a ton speedier to use on your telephone. This most likely won’t make any difference on the off chance that you have a top of the line Android telephone, yet in the event that you’re on something like my Moto E4, the execution contrast is discernible.


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Should You Use Facebook Messenger or  Lite?

In the event that you have a slower Android telephone or are on a telephone design with restricted information, Lite is a simple call. You lose a couple of highlights, yet generally the application is similarly as great. You can likewise keep both introduced on your telephone. For the few cases when you have to send a video or influence a video to call.

On the off chance that you’ve a higher end telephone or a not too bad information top. At that point it’s a harder call. On general standard I like Lite, in light of the fact that it so lean and stripped down. In any case, I do utilize Messenger for video calls and get no less than a couple of recordings seven days as messages. On the off chance that you don’t utilize Messenger’s additional highlights. Give Messenger Lite a go and check whether you like it. On the off chance that you do however, exchanging applications all the time will presumably pester you more than overlooking Messenger Day.

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