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Nawaz Sharif Vs Military

Nawaz Sharif, the most experienced Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been quite phenomenal whenever he takes part in general election on the score of sundry years of experience which has always come in handy for him. He put his same experience into practice in 2013 to clinch to the position of premier of the country for the third time. This time, he was supposed to be one of the greatest deliverer in the country because of the mandate showered upon him by the people of Pakistan.

Nawaz In Power:

After Nawaz Sharif came to power in 2013, he was of the view that he can reign the strongest department of the country; Pakistan Army. Nawaz Sharif has been a bold adventurer as far as his interaction with army is concerned. He has always deemed it necessary to establish his writ rather than setting up the writ of the state. So, at times, he dared go against military policies to send a message to the world that it was he who was at the helm of affairs and not the other way round. But, his message to the military has done more harm than good for obvious reasons.

JIT and palpable future of PML (N)


Now, the allegations raised by JIT have been rejected as invalid and unfounded by the lawyers of Prime Minister. One of the painfully sensible objection by the lawyers is embedded. In the fact that 2 members of JIT hail from Pakistan Army with which Prime Minister has taken exception to. If the objection is dissected with unbiasedness. It would be as clear and as a matter of fact as fever chart. That army is an entity supposed to complement civilian government and not the other way round. Albeit, this concept seems quite alien to the nascent democracy of Pakistan which has always been marred by Martial Laws.

It goes without saying that Supreme Court should have set up an independent investigation body. Which would have been constituted from civilian departments to avert this controversy. But, now the Rubicaon has been crossed. So, to give the devil his due. Supreme Court should not let anybody distort the facts and bestow the Prime Minister. Upon with a paramount chance to submit his defense. Standard of justice should not be compromised come what may

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