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How to Remove the History for the Website You Just Visited

You just navigated to a site and understood that it was one you wish you had not gone to. Presently the site is in your program’s history (ouch!) and you have to expel it. Here is the means by which you tidy up that “little issue”.

Note: This is likewise amazingly helpful on the off chance that you are searching for or obtaining an unexpected present for somebody extraordinary and neglected to empower Private Browsing mode already.

Time to Start cleaning:

There are two distinct techniques that can be utilized to expel the site being referred to from your program’shistory. Utilize the one that works best for your motivations.

1. Go to the Firefox Menu Bar, tap on “History”, and select “Demonstrate All History”.


This will open the History Library Window.


When you have the History Library Window open, tap on “Today” in the left piece of the window.


Since the history for now is shown, the time has come to eradicate that site from the program(for our case, being utilized). Right tap on the site being referred to and select “Disregard This Site”.


As should be obvious, that site is actually a “bit of history”. All that is left to do is close the History Library Window.


2. In the address bar begin writing some portion of the address, site page title, or related watchwords (i.e cnn) to show the site address being referred to. Utilizing either the mouse or bolt keys, verify that the site’s address is featured and hit “Erase” on your console.


As should be obvious, the site’s full address will be incidentally shown in the address bar and essentially should be deleted out or featured and erased.


Retyping the watchword “cnn” in the address bar demonstrates that the site has certainly been eradicated from your program.



This will give you fast and simple approaches to settle things on the off chance that you ever end up in the disastrous position of expecting to delete a site to evade an ungainly circumstance at work or home. Cheerful perusing!

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