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‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman John Bernecker Dies from Injuries In On-Set Fall

John Bernecker, the double who endured huge head wounds in a fall Wednesday on the arrangement of The Walking Dead, has kicked the bucket at Atlanta Medical Center.

The demise was affirmed to Deadline by Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk. Who said Bernecker passed on of limit compel injury at 6:30 PM ET on Wednesday. A source at the clinic disclosed to Deadline before that Bernecker had been put on a ventilator while his family made courses of action.

Government work environment screen OSHA and SAG-AFTRA, the union that speaks to stunt entertainers, have propelled examinations concerning the mishap.

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It’s accepted to be the main trick related demise in the United States in over 17 years. AMC said before today that it briefly stopped generation on Season 8 of the zombie end of the world arrangement in the wake of the mischance.

Sources say Bernecker and an on-screen character were practicing a battle scene that should end with a normal tumble from a gallery, yet he lost his balance and fell 30 feet to a solid floor. He articulated mind dead at the healing facility and taken off life bolster today.


IMDb records more than 90 stunt credits since 2009 for Bernecker, including the current elements Black Panther, Logan, Get Out, The Fate of the Furious and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. He likewise included in a 2014 scene of the web arrangement Behind the Stunts. Watch a 2016 reel of Bernecker’s trick work beneath.

Trick work has dependably been perilous, yet less so now than at any other time, said veteran double Conrad Palmisano, an individual from the SAG-AFTRA trick and wellbeing council. “By and large, it’s more secure now that it was 20 years prior. And I foresee it being more secure quite a while from now than it was today,” he told Deadline. “In any case, it’s as yet an unsafe business. The idea of tricks is inalienably unsafe, and we work hard to make stunts in the most secure conceivable way. Be that as it may, it’s as yet hazardous and things can turn out badly. It’s never a certain something. Typically the planets need to adjust in all the wrong routes for something grievously to turn out badly. When we as a trick group analyze what happened, we hope to settle the issue, not to fasten the fault.”

Despite the fact that trick passings have turned out to be uncommon in the U.S.. Falls have demonstrated especially fatal before. In 2000, Brady Michaels executed while recording the UPN reality indicate. I Dare You when he tumbled from a stationary prepare amid practices in Arizona and struck his head on a stone.

In 1996, Paul Dallas kicked the bucket of head wounds in a fall on the arrangement of the TV arrangement L.A. Warmth. He fell 57 feet from a power plant stage and arrived on the airbag. That should pad his fall yet launched out in reverse and hit his head on a metal railing.

Two years prior, double Sonja Davis executed in a high fall on the arrangement of the film A Vampire in Brooklyn. Hopping from a housetop, she mostly missed the airbag beneath and struck her head on the asphalt.

In 1990, a high fall likewise ended the life of double Jay C. Currin, who killed in a 60-foot bounce from an ocean side bluff in Malibu. On the primary day of recording Bikini Island. Arriving on the edge of the airbag. He tossed into the stones along the shoreline.

In 1981, Jack Tyree killed when he bounced off an 80-foot bluff in Malibu. And missed his airbag while recording The Sword and the Sorcerer.

Three years prior, double A.J. Bakunas killed on the arrangement of the motion picture Steel. While endeavoring to set a world record by bouncing without a parachute from the 22nd story of a development site in downtown Lexington, KY. A canvas and plastic airbag proposed to pad his fall split open upon affect. He’d set a world record for a 230-foot hop the prior year on Hooper and murdered. While endeavoring to retake the record from Dar Robinson. Who’d made a 296-foot high-fall. Coordinated by stunt legend Hal Needham, Hooper featured Burt Reynolds as a maturing Hollywood stand-in who tries to keep in front of the new child on the piece (Jan-Michael Vincent).

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