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What Pakistan needs to learn from border stand-off between India and China

What Pakistan needs to learn from border stand-off between India and China

Hostility between Beijing and New Delhi is not at all nascent. It can be traced back to the war of 1962 in which China was supposed to have come at the top. Ever since, the train of relationship between New Delhi and Beijing has trekked on a bumpy ride. At times, it looks that the co-operation between both the countries underscores warmth and radiance. Then breaks out a border conflict which does not bode well for both the Asian giants.

The latest conflict between New Delhi and Beijing shows that both of them have made this tussle a matter of self-esteem. Yet, an unbiased analysis needs to cut to the heart of matter. The border stand-off is based on the plateau which lies at the junction of India, China, and Bhutan. This junction is disputed between China and Bhutan. Here, the question of question is why has India been going out of its way to meddle with the internal affairs of its neighbors; China and Bhutan.

As Bhutan considered to an all-weather Indian ally. India has come to the rescue of its ally at a critical juncture. Bhutan has implored India in earnest to interfere in the matter as Bhutan convinced. That Chinese authoritarian rule wanted to annex some of its disputed region. India jumped into the controversy by the pretext that it would not stand by with folded arms whenever its ally would be in a predicament.

Kashmir and Modi Narrative

What the China claims is that India could have deemed it incumbent upon her to poke her nose into the internal affairs of China and Bhutan had the junction would not have been disputed. In this regard, India has should not move heaven and earth to get itself entangled in a precarious situation. Which has the potential to lead to the escalation of already tense relations between both giants.

If Indian claim take into account:

If Indian claim is taking into account. It is entirely within the realm of probability that Pakistan may warrant its involvement in Kashmir. Pakistan can contend that it can come to the rescue of its Kashmiri brethren in disputed region. Owing to the earnest requests made by Kashmiris. Same like India has decided to help Bhutan out under the pretext. That India would not leave its allies to the mercy of unfavorable winds in disputed region. Has many a time reiterated its incessant support for the right of freedom of Kashmiris in restive and disputed region. And can claim it can also not leave its brethren to killed by Indian forces. Who consider it a feather in their cap to use defenseless Kashmiris as human shield to further their nefarious designs.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry should keep itself abreast of time and vet every development. That takes place in world affairs and cherry-pick every news. That suits its interests to raise Kashmir issue across the globe.

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