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Yadav story with possible outcomes

It has been the settled policy of Islamabad and New Delhi to keep themselves abreast of time and gather the information of every development that is made in both the countries. Moreover, it has also been observed with grave concern that some of the non-state actors in both the countries cannot live to see the dream of peace coming true. However, it has always been the haughty and commanding establishment, army, and civilian government of India which have gone out of their way to destabilize Pakistan come what may. Infiltration of Indian informer; Kalbhushan Yadav into Pakistan’s territory is also a link in the chain of nefarious Indian designs to bring Pakistan to its knees.


Albeit, a thousand and one unfounded and preposterous interpretations have put forth by India. None of them has borne fruit for them as the painstakingly sensible analysts from both sides of the border are quite convinced of what India had been up to. New Delhi had quite annoyed with the growing warmth and radiance between Islamabad and Beijing. Narendra Modi has, many a time, given vent to his spleen over the Chinese OBOR (One Belt One Road) development of which CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) is the backbone.

Kashmir and Modi Narrative

New Delhi had, ever since the inception of infrastructural developments under the auspices of CPEC, planned to sabotage this project to ascertain its dominance in the region. That is why New Delhi devised a wicked strategy to exploit the Baloch rebels to foment a revolt against Islamabad. So that independent observers may consider this movement native and the allegations of promotion of terrorism may strengthened to malign Islamabad. In this regard, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) deposited the trust to fan the flames of deprivation in Balochistan.

RAW appointed Kalbhushan Yadav to co-ordinate with some factions of Baloch rebels so that the route of CPEC passing through Balochistan. May be declared insecure in order to impeach the credibility of the project. Not only in Pakistan and China but also to the world at large. During his malicious campaign, some treacherous Baloch rebels fell victim to Indian propaganda and sold their birthright for a mess of pottage. Kalbhusha Yadav took the tide at the flood and financed terror movement of Baloch rebels who have proved cross-benchers upon their ever-changing vested interests.

Pakistan intelligence agencies on their guard caught wind of Yadav’s evil designs. And rounded him up from Balochistan. A claim which India has denied repeatedly. New Delhi has presented its own point of view that Yadav arrested from Iran. He was on business pursuit there. Pakistan has rejected this claim vehemently and has declared it invalid and unfounded. Yadav’s case referred to Military Court which awarded a death penalty to Yadav. Who at that critical juncture of his life, reserved the right to knock. The last door of his swiftly diminishing hope of President of Pakistan; Mamnoon Hussain.

India resorted to ICJ (International Court of Justice)

India resorted to ICJ (International Court of Justice) to defer the death penalty sine die. It looked a moral certainty according to Islamabad’s point of view that New Delhi’s request would declined by ICJ. But the proceedings stated otherwise and ICJ issued orders to suspend death penalty of Yadav. It goes without saying that ICJ verdicts are not binding but by accepting this ruling. Islamabad testified that it was thoroughly imbued with respect for International Law.

What Pakistani law experts could not cope with was Indian diplomatic superiority. Which has always come in handy for them even in the toughest of times. On the contrary, Islamabad’s team of legal experts disappointed the country. Exposed the loopholes which have become the bane of Pakistan’s existence.

Indian legal experts deem it their success that they have put Islamabad on the back foot. But there is no blinking the fact that execution has just postponed. It has not revoked. It is by no means unthinkable that Indian efforts to emancipate Yadav may come to grief. So, Pakistan needs to play the game and take it to the bitter end legally to revive its reputation. Which has marred by lawlessness, terrorism and latest of all; corruption.

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